Medicare and Dental Coverage

Original Medicare does not cover most dental care. It’s estimated that 65 percent of Medicare beneficiaries, roughly 37 million people, do not have any dental coverage. However, dental coverage is available through most Medicare Advantage plans.

Does Original Medicare Cover Dental?

Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) does not cover most dental care or services, and you will be responsible for 100 percent of costs for those services.

Dental Care and Services Not Covered by Original Medicare
  • Bridges
  • Cleanings
  • Crowns
  • Dental plates
  • Dentures
  • Fillings
  • Oral surgery
  • Root canals
  • Routine examinations
  • Tooth extractions
  • X-rays

There are limited Medicare dental coverage exceptions. For instance, Medicare may pay for jaw, mouth or face reconstruction following an accident or for complex dental care necessary to protect your general health.

Medicare Part A may cover certain dental procedures if you are:
  • In an acute care hospital.
  • In a critical access hospital.
  • In an inpatient rehab facility.
  • In a long-term care hospital.
  • Receiving inpatient care as part of a qualified research study.
  • Receiving mental health care.

Dental Coverage Through Medicare Advantage

Many Medicare Advantage plans, but not all, include dental coverage. Medicare Advantage, or Part C, plans are sold by private insurers. They can help seniors pay for dental care.

Part C plans must include everything Original Medicare covers, but can offer additional coverage.

Medicare Advantage dental services may include:
  • Bridges
  • Cleanings
  • Crowns
  • Dental X-rays
  • Dentures
  • Diagnostics
  • Fillings and related restorative services
  • Gum disease and inflammation treatment
  • Implants
  • Oral exams
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extractions

If your Medicare Advantage plan only covers Medicare covered benefits, you may have to pay 100 percent out of pocket for dental services. It’s important to check what dental extras are included before purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan.

Did You Know?
Medicare supplemental insurance plans, also known as Medigap, generally do not cover routine dental, hearing or vision care.

Other Dental Plans for Seniors

Almost half of Medicare beneficiaries have not been to a dentist in the past year and nearly 1 in 5 have spent $1,000 out of pocket for dental care in 2016, according to a 2019 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

As you age, your dental health may require more effort and become more costly. While Medicare Advantage plans may offer you a means to offset the cost, there are other plans as well.

Dental Care Options for Seniors
Discount Dental Plans
Also called “dental savings plans,” these allow you to pay a small monthly fee that gives you access to discounted dental services when you need them. Discounts can range from 10 percent to 60 percent of the actual cost.
Some Medicare beneficiaries can be dual enrolled in Medicaid. This state-run medical program for low-income people will cover some dental benefits for eligible people and their families. States set their own guidelines, so what services are covered, if any, can vary from state to state.
Dental and Dental Hygiene Schools
Teaching facilities and clinics can provide high-quality, low-cost care to some people. Check with the American Dental Association to see if there is a program near you.
Local Health Departments
The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration can direct you to local, community health centers in your area that provide low-cost dental services. Call 1-888-ASK-HRSA (1-888-275-4772).
United Way
United Way supports local, low-cost dental programs around the United States. You can search its General Dentistry database to see if there is a program near you.
Last Modified: February 24, 2021

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