Radiation Safety Course


The Wyoming Dental Association provides a cost-effective home-study radiation safety course for dental assistants.  The course, available only to WDA members, is approved by the Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners and meets the requirements outlined in the Dental Practice Act.

Member dentists may arrange for their assistants to participate in the course consisting of four dvds and four workbooks.  Each dentist shall ensure that assistants taking the course shall be supervised and trained by a qualified trainer in the dental office setting.  The trainer shall possess one of the following qualifications:

A dental assistant with a valid radiology permit issued     
by the Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners.

A dentist or dental hygienist with a valid license issued
by the Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners.

Dentists are encouraged to participate in the program to ensure coordination of course educational objectives between the employing  dental office and the candidate to obtain radiography safety skills and knowledge.

The course curriculum is designed to use several modes of instruction: dvd lecture, workbook study, supervised in-office training and self-test.  The dentist participating in the course may keep the workbooks, but dvd’s should be returned to the WDA office within 10 days.  A late charge of $10 will be billed if the dvd’s are not returned within 14 days.  If the individual does not feel confident that he/she can pass the exam, they can continue to study the workbooks and receive instruction and training.

This course is a membership service and is not intended to serve as a source of revenue for the WDA.  The course is offered at a fee based on the actual cost of payment for dvd’s, workbooks, postage, scoring of tests and printing of certificates.

Offices requesting test for the first time (workbooks included).............................$50.00
Offices requesting test for second time (no workbooks)........................................$35.00
For each additional assistant taking the exam at the same time add....................$35.00
Submitting Test Only(First 5 tests per year $10/$100 each after 5)..........$10.00/$100.00

*Please Note: the WDA does not issue any licensures, permits, etc... all licensing & permitting is obtained through the state of Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners office, only.* 


*** NO course records are kept by the WDA office. Your initial certification of completion is YOUR ONLY PROOF of course completion. You will need to make copies of your certificate to keep in your personal records. Certificates of Completion can NOT be reprinted &/or reissued-- you will have to retake the Radiation Safety Course Exam. ***