Radiation Safety Course

Radiology Course for Unlicensed Individuals as Dental Assistants
Approved by the Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners.

The Wyoming Dental Association is offering with the help of the Utah Dental 
Association and the University of Utah this approved Radiology Course which is 
available year round.
  • WyDA members can access the course for their assistants at no charge.
  • Others interested in taking the course will be charged $135.00.
  • The course is for individual participants and not intended for groups.
  • Have a printer available before starting the course. A certificate will be available 
    for print at completion of course. This certificate is your only proof of completion and WyDA will not keep a copy of this certificate. A copy of this certificate will be sent in with your application to the Wyoming Board of Dental Examiners.  

*** NO course records are kept by the WDA office. Your initial certification of completion is YOUR ONLY PROOF of course completion. You will need to make copies of your certificate to keep in your personal records. Certificates of Completion can NOT be reprinted &/or reissued-- you will have to retake the Radiation Safety Course Exam. ***