WYDENT Dental Education Program

WYDENT is a contract program between the University of Wyoming and the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry and Creighton University School of Dentistry for dental education. Admission is twofold. 1. Applicants must be certified residents of Wyoming. To be eligible for certification, the applicant or parent or guardian must be a legal resident of the State of Wyoming for five continuous years immediately prior to enrolling in dental school. The application for certification is located at http://www.uwyo.edu/hs/wiche-wwami-wydent-program/index.htmland is due no later than October 15 of the year prior to the anticipated start date in dental school. Participants pay reduced tuition and must either pay back the money expended on their behalf or practice dentistry in Wyoming for three years. 2. Applicants must apply to the dental schools through the usual procedures and are subject to admission criteria established by the dental schools. Information is available from the College of Health Sciences; Preprofessional Advising Office; Dept. 3432, 1000 East University Av; Laramie WY 82071 (307) 766-6704 or (307) 766-3499 or certoff@uwyo.edu.